Tell me, how do you live?
I assume you're not living with your parents anymore....
That would be a shame, because the student-life is so
Have you been on a campus, or are you living on a campus,
tell me about it. I'd like to know everything, because
in September I am going to study architecture in Buffalo.
Are the rooms too expensive for what you get?
Are the shared rooms a bit clean.
Is there a community room in the house?
I assume it is like a little flat with several appartments
in it for several studens and one kitchen and one bathroom.
How far is it(walking) to the Uni?
Is there something like a shopping mall on the Campus-site.

How big is actually a Quad with shared bathroom???????
Compared to Holland the housing is twice as expensive
(like everything else), and are there any cheaper
options??? Guess not.

Well, I hope you take some time to answer my questions, I'm
looking forward to those answers.

Esther van de Geijn,
Fashion-designer, arch. student.