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Thread: Cipher-race and de-form

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    Cipher-race and de-form

    In response to: Cipher-race and de-form posted by Sisyphus on April 23, 1999 at 15:38:15:

    Hi Sisyphus;

    I think that you should know that I didn't buy a book of Focault because I saw a book with your handle in the title, the book, "The Myth of Sisyphus" was sitting there and I took it as an omen.

    Anyway, thats fine i understand your point, although I am still feeling a little robbed because I still do not know what kinid of design implications the internet has. Right now I am finishing up a project that deals with the internet and schools. I am designing (or trying to) a school that has its boundries not at the walls, at the extents of the school grounds, the city limits, not anywhere theoretically. This is I hope will provide a way for groups of students who, under normal circumstances would of never met, to meet and exchange ideas. This all through the medium of cyberspace.

    Yes the school will have a physical school (more than one) but realm of the internet will be the primary place for the exchange of ideas.

    *sidebar* the virtual school cannot be bombed, or attacked. are our children safe?

    ill finish this later, i have got to go.


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    Cipher-race and de-form

    Hello Michael,

    Albert Camus's "The Myth of Sisyphus" (I presume this is the
    book you bought)quite good and I hope you like it....While it
    is said that Camus is a philosopher, I find him to be more in
    the vein of the French intellectual/thinker, one who is not
    placed within the setting of philosophy as a discipline. This
    book is especially good as it illustrates a humane compassion
    for the human condition, Camus was very much a man (we have
    information to know that he was one??) concerned with the
    plight af the individual.

    As for your project, it is an interesting one, however, the
    relationship between the 'real' physical space and the virtual
    one would really be the most intruiging issue to deal with.
    It is very easy to fall back on school class/computer lab
    prototypes, and subccumb to a (meaningless?) array of computers....
    , after all, the only element needed for cyber access
    is a computer with Net connection.On another level, you would have
    the functional (in some cases dys-) programmatic consequences...
    which pose their own interesting (allow me to harken to modernist(positivist???)
    jargon) problems....staff (if any),relationship between different
    spaces (again if any),........eventually you would have to
    justify the existence of these schools since one can easily
    use one's computer at home, you can argue that the social
    enviroment of a school is essential for a child's development...but then
    would this really be a 'school' in the semantics one is given to understand the
    word by.

    Anyhow, I would be intersted in the development of your scheme.



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