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Thread: Adaptive re-use

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    Adaptive re-use


    This particular project involves a 33 acre central-city complex of buildings that range in size from a 130 sq. ft. well house to a 229,000 sq. ft. bottling house (the site was formerly a major brewery). The current core structures were constructed between 1886 and 1900 with some more modern buildings as well. Because of its former use the site's buildings have an extremely varied and unique interior quality.

    I am a graduate student working as an intern for a non-profit organization that is involved in urban renewal and community building. I am responsible for researching alternative uses for a this unique industrial property that is in the center of a culturally and economically diverse neighborhood. Within ten blocks of the site are schools, many homes, green space, small and large private busineses - including grocery stores, gas stations, bars, light industrial, large commercial, etc.

    A major new central artery will soon pass by the doorstep of the existing site.
    I am looking for any suggestions on where to find similar re-use projects that may be provide reference and guidance as to options, dificulties faced and successes realized of similar projects. Of particular use would be specific re-development projects that would give us real life examples.

    Our organization is informally acting as a fact gathering body for a stakeholders group examining potential uses for the site. The group consists of citizens, neighborhood associations, state and local elected officials, business leaders and associations, state and local planning and economic development officials, and the current owner of the site. Needless to say, a wide rangs of proposals for how to develop and use the property are being proposed.

    Currently, the site is owned by a private developer who is leasing out space in the buildings - mostly cold storage - little by little.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Most of what I have come across on the Internet, so far, consists of architects', engineers' and developers' cursory descriptions of projects in which they have been involved - basically, advertising for their services. I am looking for more detail and background.

    Thank you.

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    Adaptive Re-use

    I was on vacation near the Univ. of Michigan and there were a large amount of buildings reclaimed by the Univ. for bars, restaurants, and clibs, and the post-industrial atmosphere that was created was incredible. I have also been to an area in Red Bank, NJ which had similar adaptive re-usage of the buildings. I'm currently working on a project to create an Interpretive Center for the Historic Bartram's Garden in South Philadelphia. If you know of industrial reusage into architectural forms, I'd be most appreciative. Thanks....life is hard, but college sucks! Deconstruct the entire world!

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    Adaptive Re-use

    Hi! Two projects of this nature that I know of are the cattle yards in Fort Worth, and the waterfront development in Cape Town, South Africa.
    Hope this helps.

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