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Thread: Architecture in the world of computer games

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    Architecture in the world of computer games

    Could Computer game developers be new clients?

    Computer games penetrate every home in every nation throughout the
    globe. Their complexity and depth has expanded as rapidly as the technology
    but they still retain the most important features - accesibility and familiarity
    Architecture, it can be said, tends to be elitist, inaccessible and unfamiliar to many
    With the current technology, and all its possiblities, the development of complex 3D
    worlds are based around simple, accessible interfaces.... and bought by millions.
    Already members of computer game design teams have architectural backgrounds
    Games like Bladerunner, Tomb Raider, Myst, Riven & Sim city all deliver a strong architectural
    language as the backdrop for a more simplified yet totally involved end product.

    Bringing architecture to the 'masses' is one ideal which has never been realised?


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    Architecture in the world of computer games

    In response to: Architecture in the world of computer games posted by David karran on November 04, 1998 at 09:13:19:

    Originally posted by (User Above) In response to the message from Dermott i would have to agree on the ludicrous interfaces of certain CAD systems and the almost vertical cliff-face type learning curve involved. The technology exist to Utilise the graphics engines developed by software companies and the need to speed up the process of creating 3D representations in a short space of time. This would greatly enhance client presentations and although not as intricate and detailed as an indepth structural 3D perspective it shows what is being developed in a short space of time and fairly realistically.

    I have to say at this point that my dissertation is delving into this field and not a lot of information is available on it. This is a great help as it adds one perspective to my research, the others are more to do with architects assisting in the design of suchs large complex games, as consultants, if you will or in a more hands on approach as visual designers. The other aspect i am trying to look at is the demystifying of architecture through the computer game principle, interactive, informative, challenging, and graphically & aesthetically beautiful. The added bonus being that it doesnt exist only in the mind of the designer. If anyboby has any more aspects of research on this topic i would be glad of intuitive suggestions. its about time that architects expanded from their hibernation and inflitrate more markets and industry.
    I find your comments very interesting! As a young Architectural Practice in Canada we are very vulnerable to the American Markets. In the geographic area of CAnada where we practice there is very little opportunity for us to infiltrate the experimental market.

    A big reason, we are so busy treading water in attempt to put food on the table that we have spare time or energy to jump through the wrong hoops and have doors slammed in our faces because we are looking in the wrong places.

    With that being said, we would welcome a chance to prove our abilities and flex the muscles of our imagination! If you have any advise, contacts, or work for us to assist you with, please get in touch with us immediately...

    Have a look at our webpage... www.dpal.com we have not updated it since March'98, but our creativity has only been limited by the depressed economy.

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    Architecture in the world of computer games

    I found this topic very interesting, because I`m student of architecture in Czech republic and I also work in a firm, which makes computer games. I think that architecture in games is something a little bit diferrent than "real" architecture. It`s more about archetypes, about "what people imagin, when you say..." You don't have to bee an architect to make it the way people expect it.

    In this kind of work you must create "architecture" according to common opinion of certain types of buildins, spaces, atmosphere, etc., which is diferrent than work of an architect.


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