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Thread: Cardboard housing

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    Cardboard housing

    Some years ago I read an article about someone who had designed and built cardboard houses to be used for emergency housing purposes. Does anyone out there have any info about this?

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    Cardboard housing

    i was just reading about the houses in an issue of the architectural review from '96 i think. it was a japanese guy and he built the cardboard houses after the earthquake in ...osaka? i can't remeber his name but i think it was the april "96 issue of AR. if i find it again i will post it

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    Cardboard housing

    double checked yesterday. the architect is shigeru ban and the issue of AR was from Sept '96

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    Cardboard housing

    The article in AR regards Shigeru Ban's approach to the use of cardboard for emergency housing is interesting. However,the first use of this material for emergency housing, I beleive, was designed and prototypes built by my father Raymond A. Mettauer, an architect, in 1959-1960. The design was of accordian nature and modular. It could be folded up,airlifted by helicopter and dropped into a disaster area, where then they would be unfolded sort of origami fashion. I still have some of his notes and, I think, some photos.

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    Cardboard housing

    My name is Trudy Seabrook and I'm an education assistant at the museum of contemporary art in Chicago. Our museum will be mounting a major exhibit on architecture next year and I am currently doing research on alternative architecture.

    I was initially searching for the manufacturer of cardboard shacks for the homeless in the netherlands (they pretty much looked like coffins with pitched roofs) and ran across your posting. I would be very interested in seeing your father's work.

    I'm still looking for the coffins, so any light you may be able to shed on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

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    Cardboard housing

    wow, sounds great. Im working on a project at the moment to build a single storey school building using cardboard and paper. We hope to develop some products from this, possible cladding and structural elements. Were also working with Shigeru Ban on a couple of projects, and weve also become aware of a temporary theatre (12m span) by ABT Consulting Engineers in about 1993, as well as various cardboard boats (seating up to about 16 people!) used in some boat races over there. Were currently involved in a literature search and are really excited by what youre describing, could you maybe get in touch? you can contact me at

    look forard to speaking to you...oh, and if anyone else has any leads, itd be great to hear from you.

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    Cardboard housing

    i am almost sure thatshigeru ban is desiving one of the zones for the dome in London. he also won a comp. a few years back "the house with no style"
    slan ,

    keith o`Faolain

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    Cardboard housing

    I am a high school student working on a ongoing project to design refugee housing of some sort using cardboard. I have found a very interesting web site on Ban (CardBoard Cities ,

    AR sept '96)If anyone has a lead to help my project please send me an e-mail at MJBoorady@hotmail.com

    One interesting site is http//:www2.dnp.co.jp
    all about Ban and his works.

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    Cardboard housing

    Dear Mrs Trudy Seabrook

    Your exhibition idea sounds very interesting. I'm teaching at the Royal Universtiy of Fine Arts,dep of Architectur in Stockholm. I would really like to see the catalogue when it is completed!

    Henrietta Palmer

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    Cardboard housing

    I am a student at SUNY Morrisville. In my architecture design studio we are doing project on homeless people and what the architecture communtiy is doing to help the growing problem. If any of you have any info that would help me please write back.

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    Cardboard housing

    Some years ago I read an article about someone who had designed and built cardboard houses to be used for emergency housing purposes. Does anyone out there have any info about this?

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    Cardboard housing

    Currently, DuraKit Inc of Bond Head, Ontario Canada (www.durakit.com) is
    selling cardboard (corrugated fibre board) houses.

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    Cardboard housing - Engineering

    All this talk about alternative architecture; I'd like to know if anyone has info on the engineering capabilities of these structures -- eg response to extreme wind and snow loads, long-term behaviour (creep problems). Any takers?

    Michael D'Costa, University of Western Ontario

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