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Thread: Corridor management overlay district

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    Corridor management overlay district

    I am seeking a corridor management ordinance to control sprawl on the outskirts of rural cities. Ideally, we need something that works with or without zoning and bases the overlay district boundaries on the viewshed topography rather than a fixed buffer width. We are looking for strategies to make commericial development occur in a more clustered, PUD or campus like setting, puts parking in the rear, limits curb cuts and subjects development within the scenic corridor to a higher level of design review than the rest of the county. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

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    corridor management overlay district

    We have a good local example of a Commercial Design Guide which focuses on a highway corridor, and which requires all development to be of a 'rural or agrarian theme". Haven't had to get specific on curb cuts, etc, as we have a good DOT working with us. We are currently re-writing our Code to adopt these Guides as an overlay district.

    e-mail your mailing address & I'll send you a copy. This will also be availble within the next few weeks on our municipal website at www.ci.muskego.wi.us Go to Planing page and follow links at left.

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