In response to: Is New Urbanism the answer to our problems?? posted by Karsalis on March 06, 2000 at 12:42:31:

Your concern is very interesting. And by now it doesn't seem that the New Urbanism is the "quick" solution to certain problems. But, we all know already that there are now fast solutions for cities or for the whole society at once. I'm very positive that, in a few years from now, the concept of city planning will change even the way "social housing" is conceived.

The economic segregation we see now in the NU projects is the direct answer to the novelty and "exclusive" towns. the efforts, from now on, should be focusing in making towns and infill projects available for the general society. As there are more and more NU projects built (becoming the norm, instead of the novelty) the prices will be more affordable to everybody.