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Thread: Planning information centers

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    Planning information centers

    Our Planning Dept. just created a new Information Center Division for the dept. The function of the division is to provide general planning and zoning information to the public and market and sell maps and publications produced by the department. I am searching for other jurisdictions that have done something similar.

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    Planning Information Centers

    I am a canadain planner who until recently worked for the City of Detroit Planning & Development Department. Detroit is in the process of creating a site plan review and welcome center to provide clients with generalized planning/zoning information/maps etc. As part of this effort, the department is developing a walk-up computer kiosk system for residents and developers interested in obtaining a variety of planning and development related info. The Site Plan Review Office has also just recently published 3 seperate online publications which identify and describe all of the review and approval procedures which a developer may encounter when building in Detroit. To have a look, co to the following web site: www.ci.detroit.mi.us Onnce your at the city's main web site, choose the planning department from the list of departments. Please note, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the development process manual(s).

    If you want to find oout more, call on my old boss Bob Davenport (Manager of Site Plan Review) at (313) 224-6543.

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