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Thread: Hidden rooms or compartments

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    Hidden rooms or compartments

    I am not an Architect but rather just a homeowner. I am looking to build a hidden compartment behind a workbench. I travel a lot and have some handguns and shotguns that I do not want to leave in the open. I thought about building a workbench that pulls out to reveal a small opening where I can store these items. I thought it would be fun to incorporate a hidden lock/latch to open it. You know something using a book to open a room behind a bookcase. Things you read about in mystery books or in the movies. If someone has come across any resources, Net or books, I would appreciate any direction you may be able to provide.

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    Info Hidden rooms or compartments

    "Fine Homebuilding" magazine had a article on this subject. Go to their website at www.TauntonPress.com ... it's indexed. If you don't have a complete set of back issues, try your library.

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