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Thread: Missing APA conference poster

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    Missing APA conference poster

    For those of you who weren't able to attend this year's American Planning Association National Conference in San Diego, April 5-9, you missed a good one. For those of you who did attend, I'm hoping you might be able to help me.

    I had a poster in the North Tower lobby lounge area, next to other student posters and the audio tapes and conference materials for sale. It's title is "Redeveloping Suburban Downtowns for a Sustainable Future," and contained a number of white poster board cut-outs with photographs and other artwork (site plans) on a black 32" x 40" poster board. It has my name and telephone/e-mail on it. When I went to collect the poster two hours after the Conference ended, it was gone. I've checked with the Marriott hotel Convention Services and the National APA Office, and scoured the hotel myself. All to no avail.

    If you have any information about the missing poster, or have other suggestions for who I should contact and how to get the word out to others who might have been at the Conference, please let me know. I've got about $150 and 25 hours into the poster, and most importantly need it for my thesis presentation on May 12!


    Simmons Buntin
    Westminster, CO

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    Cyburbian Rumpy Tunanator's avatar
    Dec 2003
    Send a suitcase of $1,000,000 unmarked twentys to The Rumpy's Rampage Foundation and you'll get your poster back. Oh wait the deadlines passed.

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