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Thread: Planning theory

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    Planning theory

    I am a planning consultant for a Norwegian firm and currently working on a project where I need a brief overview of the development of different theoretical approaches to planning (strategic planning, rational planning etc.). This is perhaps embarrassing since I am an urban planner myself, but I cannot find an adequate and UPDATED overview and I do not have time to read x books.

    I hope that anybody can direct me to a recent article etc. (I think I saw one in the APA Journal a few years back, but I cannot find it). All help will be highly appreciated.


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    Planning Theory

    I found an article from a symposium from 1995 involving Friedmann

    It can be found in the Journal of Planning Education and Research Vol 14(3)

    I think that it is published by the University of Illinois Champagne Campus.

    Hope that will help you a bit.

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    Planning Theory

    This response may not be fully relevant for a quick perusal of planning theories. But if you have time, it is worth trying the following source :

    Harvard Business Review article :"What is wrong with strategy?" Nov-Dec. issue 1997. The author contrasts different approaches to strategy. A reader may get top-level inputs for strategic planning specific to his company.

    My background : I am doing strategic planning for Motorola Global Software Division.

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