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Thread: Advice on education

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    Advice on education

    I need advice on planning education. I have 2 years of undergraduate communication studies completed. I want pursue a carrer in planning and I am specifically interested in sociology and planning. Should I pursue a bachelor's in sociology and then a master's in planning, or just pursue one of the few bachelors programs in planning? I would appreciate any advice you might have. Thanks.

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    advice on education

    In Reply to: advice on education posted by matt hyde on September 23, 1997 at 12:46:14:

    i received my bachelor's in sociology and then went on to pursue my master's in city and regional planning. although i thoroughly enjoyed the field of sociology, it does not offer much in the way of career options. i worked for two years between undergrad and grad, but not in any field related to my sociology field.
    my best advice for you would be to consider what you want to do when you have finished school. if your interests lie in the social service aspect of planning, a sociology background could be beneficial for future studies. if you are more interested in technical planning, an undergraduate degree in planning would be your best bet--because then you could continue into your master's with some advanced standing (usually).

    i hope this info helps! good luck!


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