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Thread: Development impact fees

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    Development impact fees

    While I noticed a similar question, I would greatly appreciate any information relative to development impact fees in the State of Georgia. Specifically, I would like information on systems whereby a municipality can exact a fee or a bond from developers to be set asside by the municpality and used at a later date to repair any deficiencies in the developer's work or to just make general repairs needed over time. I would greatly appreciate ny information (articles, etc.) that you may have concerning a possible solution.


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    Nov 2006
    Daytona Beach , Fl.

    Development Impact Fees

    What you describe sounds like it deals with the area of performance bonds. In my locality (in Florida) it is possible for a short term bond (say, 2 years) to be posted to make sure that certain required public improvements, such as constructing sidewalks in a new residential subdivision, are properly constructed pursuant to local code. You might wish to check with development enforcement or Public Works departments in Georgia cities for further information.

    Now, performance bonds are also used by government in support of public facility construction contracts (such as new roads) where the locality is the client of a private firm. However, what I first discussed is different from a pure contract performance situation.

    Hope this helps. I've also been advised that a search of Georgia construction law might identify some sources. Happy Hunting!

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