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Thread: Planning technician salaries

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    Planning technician salaries

    I'm trying to find some information on planning technician salaries. Is there any documentation that shows the average pay range for this type of position? I need this information because I am requesting a raise and need some documentation to support my request. The agency I work for has a the range of $17,500 - $22,600 for a planning technician. This is much less then what our secretary gets ($22,500 - $26,500. I am currently on the high end of planning technician range. I have been working there for over four years. I have a degree in geography and I now know Arc Info and Arc view, developed a web page for the agency, lead park board meetings, make presentations, create displays, help the public when the planners are gone. You name it and I do it. I work hard at this job and don't understand why the pay is so low. Can any of you help me?

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    Planning Technician Salaries

    Your best bet is to move up to Planner IV or I (whichever is lowest) rather than remain as a technician. The only documentation I am aware of is published by the APA and deals strictly with Planner jobs.

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