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Thread: Parking impact fees

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    Parking impact fees

    I am a professional planner in an urban place in New Jersey. I have been asked to structure a parking fund as an alternative to a parking requirement for residential buildings with fewer than ten units. The city now has a 1-to-1 parking ratio now in place. I need to know the experience of other planners with such funds including legal challenges. I would love to see a sample ordinance.

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    Nov 2006
    Daytona Beach , Fl.

    parking impact fees

    I have experience in administering road impact fee programs in Florida but I'm not sure from your message what purpose the fund is serving. Is it to encourage transit? Is it part of a broader land use and transportation policy or initiative?

    I am aware that New Jersey has some form of impact fee enabling legislation. If this is like an impact fee, you might want to determine if the legislation contains requirements you might need to address.

    Concerning challenges, I suspect that basic fairness issues could arise such as relating the payment to the impact caused and the benefit received as well as the underlying policy objective. You might find the Nolan and Dolan, U.S. Supreme Court takings cases and the legal commentary on them useful. Good luck!

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