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Thread: Landscape standards

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    Landscape standards

    We are currently updating our landscape standards and i am wondering if
    anyone has information on really good, new, innovative, etc. ways to
    deal with landscaping. I am particularly interested in information
    dealing with open space. we are trying to do something to require
    a common or really useable open space - not just the leftovers from
    setbacks, etc. (for some zones where it would be appropriate). If anyone
    has ideas about this, i would certainly appreciate your response.



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    Dec 1997
    Huntington, West Virginia

    Landscape Standards

    Jean. Just a few thoughts on your question. My background is in Landscape Architecture and Planning. In the subdivisions that I have been involved with, the tendency has been to require a percentage of the total area to be placed in open space but the percentage can be reduced depending upon the contiguousness (is that a word) of the space. Say a 10% or 15% reduction if the total space set aside is contiguous. In many cases, an acre in one spot is better that 3 acres scattered in isolated areas. I would imagine that
    you could set a scale of set asides based upon total acres and contiguous acres with rewards for spaces that are part of corridors (streams, valleys) or that are heavily wooded. Might be an idea to try. Gus

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