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Thread: Speaker wanted to promote master plan

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    Speaker wanted to promote master plan

    I work for a mid-sized suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and we are
    looking for a speaker to help build support for a new master plan. We are looking for either a regional or national speaker on the topic. If you have any thoughts or knowledge of an engaging speaker on the topic of master planning, visioning or futurism, please contact me at (email address deleted)

    Thank you for your assistance.

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    speaker wanted

    If you are looking for somone who will talk about real town planning for the fringes of Milwaulkee, please contact us at (612) 823-7150. We are CNU members and know John Norquist quite well. Currently we are working with in- and outstate MN towns and cities, as well as with a large Chicago developer who is putting in big-name retail into downtowns in out-city Chicago. Please contact Rich McLaughlin. Thanks!!

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