My name is Bill Collins and I work for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government's Land Information Centre. I have been involved with a project to put the ACT's zoning/planning information on the Internet. The planning document is known as the 'Territory Plan' and consists of a Written Statement which is supported by map graphics showing the extent of the land use zones and overlays. We have developed an Internet-based system which combines the text and graphics, and using an intuitive GUI, enables users to access both systems.

We are interested in feedback from other planning organisations about the 'Territory Plan Online', and would welcome any comments you would wish to make. There is a hyperlink from the site to our email address (actlic@interact.net.au).

The planning function for the ACT is incorporated within the Planning and Land Management (PALM) Group of the ACT Department of Urban Services. The 'Territory Plan Online' can be found as a hyperlink from the PALM homepage which is:


I look forward to your comments. Please feel free to email.

Bill Collins
Product Manager
Business Development
ACT Land Information Centre