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Thread: Location restriction - adult businesses

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    Location restriction - adult businesses

    Currently working on a project focusing on the location restrictions imposed on adult businesses in various communities. Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

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    Location Restriction-Adult Businesses

    Generally, adult businesses may be limited to industrial zones, provided that a reasonable number of adult businesses are permitted to operate within such confines. If additional restrictions, such as distance restrictions from churches, schools, playgrounds, other adult businesses, etc. do not allow for a reasonable number of such business for the area, then a court would likely find such an ordinance too restrictive. There is a nonprofit group located in Virginia that has compiled a booklet ($85.00), which includes a model ordinance for restricting adult businesses and a review of the relevant law related thereto. Unfortunately, the name of the institution is at work. Give me a call at work--770/478-883--and I will be happy to provide you with the name of the institution and any other information that I may have. Jason

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    Location Restriction-Adult Businesses

    Well, you know about the standard 500 or 1000 feet rule that attempts to separate churchs, schools, day-care and the like from the "Adult" entertainment areas? That is one strategy, but I read about a community preacher who set up a video camera across the street from such an establishment and pretty well killed it by showing those videos at church every Wednesday night at the weekly prayer meeting. Didn't take long for the clientel to get the message that they were on candid camera as they entered the place. Gus Drum

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