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Thread: Study Abroad

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    Study Abroad

    The last time I posted this it got lost before I could get a lot of input...

    I am thinking about doing some study abroad this summer and was wondering if anybody knew of any good programs that focus on cities and urban development going on this summer. I'm just trying to get some more experience in the real world before I have to enter it for sure.

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    Just as an update...I found a trip in my school's Economics Department to South Afirca to study economic development in May. It's only two weeks long, which is good cause I don't want to lose my whole summer just to go somewhere.

    If anybody else out there is curious about what's available I'd be happy to make a few suggestions and give you a few leads. Of course, your best bet will always be your school.

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    While I would love to go to South Africa and encourage you to do so too if you want....but....

    You do realize that S. Africa is like the most dangerous place on the planet. Why no join the military and kill some Iraqis if its an adrenaline rush you are after

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    Thanks but I'm already in the Reserves and in ROTC. There's gonna be plenty of time for that after I get my degree.

    I know some parts of the country are bad, but is it really that bad?

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