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Thread: Affordable inner city housing

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    Affordable inner city housing

    I have been looking high and low for forums where serious discusions would be taking
    place since I first became acquainted with this WEB promotion I hear from all
    kinds of hype sites: TV, magazines etc. Well I have been very frustrated and have
    only found places where the merrits of the "WEB" and its esoteric
    value but nothing related to Architecture.

    I hope that there are some people who are willing to seriously use these sites,
    such as Cyburbia, for an exchange of ideas on the subject herein headlined.

    The subjects to discuss a

    •Can a three part coalition of architects/planners, community leaders and the
    financial sector acheive affordable housing in the inner city?

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    Affordable Urban Housing_the Innercity: Discussion

    Yes, I might direct you to one componet that interest me, the Automated Builders Consortium. The Ad in April 1998 Automated Builder suggest their video is "Great for impressing bankers and buyers"
    I, as an architect, really would like to pursue this, namely because the high cost of building will keep large numbers of people from home ownership, more so than today .

    1-800 344 BLDR (2537) is the number in the ad, for video, I have not seen it, so there are no endorsements. It is one source of many, I just read this evening,
    Hope to read yours and others responses.

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    Affordable Urban Housing_the Innercity: Discussion


    Sorry I took so long to answer, I was out of town. Thanks for the Automated
    Builder reference. I will check it out.
    I agree that the high cost of building does keep rising, but I would say that
    on the one hand so does the cost of living. I doubt there will be cost reductions
    in building materials if those materials are a result of either sophisticated
    production or assembly techniques.
    Add to this a cost of distribution, stocking etc.
    I personally beleive that the simplification of material sources and tranformation
    of raw materials that do not depend on specialized techniques but more on the construction
    "unit" [brick,block, "transformed recyclage" ...] at decentralized or franchised
    in closer vecinity to the areas that need these materials is more
    the way to go. Also the construction unit ought to be easily set at the site with few out of the
    ordinary tools. Any comments?

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