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Thread: Performance based zoning

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    Performance based zoning

    I'm a planning commissioner in a small rural county of WA State and am very iterested in any information or sources anyone may have regarding Performance Based Zoning. Any help is appreciated.


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    Performance Based Zoning

    Hi Bill,

    My name is also Bill and I am a Planner in a small, urban city in Dade County, Florida (within Miami metropolitan area).I have some information in my office regarding performance zoning. I would like to talk to you about this subject; however, this is not my computer, so if you could give me a call at work some time that would be great. Phone # (305)663-6327.



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    Performance Based Zoning


    I am a planner at the City of Montreal Planning Dept. In our Planning Bylaw, we are using performance standards in combination with conditionnal uses to allow uses in districts where they cannot be permitted as-of-right. As example, in light manufacturing districts, heavier uses can be permitted as well as they meet the standards of that district.

    I will be glad to send you a copy of our bylaw upon request.

    Luc Gagnon

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    Performance Based Zoning


    I am a senior land use and development planner working for the Shelby County, Alabama Dept. of Planning & Development. Shelco is the sixth fastest growing county in the U.S., but we still have a large rural land area that we regulate (along with the ever-expanding suburbia). We use performance-based standards in our Sign Ordinance (part of our Zoning Ordinance). We have also incorporated some performance standards into a Scenic Corridor Overlay Zoning District. Also, I attended Auburn University's planning school, and the City of Auburn uses a slight hybridization of performance zoning full time. We'd be glad for you to call the office and/or send for a copy of our ordinance. I've got a 1994-5 copy (I think) of Auburn's, too. Of course, Lane Kendig's book, Performance Zoning, is still one of the best sources for information, perhaps with a little modification to fit your specific needs. There is an APA PAS report on performance zoning which could help you as well. We get a monthly newsletter in our office called The Zoning Report that has excellent reference sources. I'm sure it has something on perf. zoning and standards.

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