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Thread: Who has the latest theory on urban growth boundaries?

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    Who has the latest theory on urban growth boundaries?

    Hi, I am trying to get infomation for a researcher in the Michigan Legislature on the latest information on rural/suburban/urban relationship issues. She is primarily looking at the pressures of urban (or rather) suburban sprawl on openspaces. I recommended Anthony Downs, Visions of Metropolitan American, but I need a couple more resources. Please contact me if you have a good bibliography (please attach to your e-mail.

    P.S. Please put my name: "Mary-Ellen" in the subject line, since we have a common mail box. Thanks

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    Mary Ellen on UGBs

    In Grand Rapids we are beginning the first steps toward establishing a growth boundary. We have done some basic research but have a long ways to go yet. You might want to look at David Rusk's "Cities Without Suburbs." What we have concluded, simply, is that UGBs either need to be mandated (Portland OR) or there must be a realization that what lies outside the boundary is worth preserving (Lexington KY). Our first step will be to write a work plan that includes a Land Use element, Socioeconomic Concerns; and a section on Institutional Change. I have also been made aware of an individual named Myron Orfield, 4019 Sheridan Av. So., Minneapolis MN 55410, who does mapping studies that might be relevant.

    Good luck.

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