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Thread: Redeveloping old industrial areas

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    Redeveloping old industrial areas

    Hi, I'm an urban planner from Stockholm. We are currently working on the redesign of an older industrial area, an island near the center of Stockholm. I am looking for case studies or other materials which could help us to determine the best use for this parcel. The current architecture is rather attractive old 19th and early 20th century factories, which could make attractive loft housing. has anyone been involved in this type of development?

    thanks for your help.

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    redeveloping old industrial areas

    Dear Amy:

    There has recently been an interesting initiative in Toronto,
    in two previously industrial warehouse areas, called the
    King-Parliament and King-Spadina areas, to open them up
    to a variety of new uses. The City of Toronto
    has a net site which should give you the phone number or
    information about how to get the Planning Department reports
    on this. There have also been some newspaper articles in
    The Globe and Mail.

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