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Thread: Development feasibility around commuter rail

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    Development feasibility around commuter rail

    Interested in any commuter rail station study for land use around such a station.

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    development feasibility around commuter rail

    We did a study that recommended land uses around potential station sites along a freight line that may be used for future light rail. However, there was no development feasibility done for it. We are about to undertake a study for another freight line in this region (suburban Phila) that will look at the market for transit oriented development along this 40+ mile rail corridor. It will not look in any detail at any individual station.

    Another source is Hillsboro, OR. They had a feasiblity study done for them for an extension of the Westside MAX project. Contact Bonnie Gee Yosick of Leland Consulting Group, Portland (?) OR; or planning director of Hillsboro @ 503-681-6156.

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