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Thread: Conflict resolution

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    Conflict resolution

    I am conducting a study of land use conflict for my masters thesis. I am looking for information from individuals who have been involved with or witnessed a local land use conflict which was resolved by disputing parties without a third party imposed decision (e.g. the courts).

    Some specific questions I'd like to explore a How would you define negotiation? Mediation? Alternative Dispute Resolution? Who initiates negotiation between disputing parties and why? Does the land use/zoning/siting process readily allow for mediation/negotiation between interested parties? What is the role of professional planners in resolving local land use disputes?

    Any information on these questions, planning and conlict resolution in general, and/or cases which have been successfully resolved without third party decisions would be greatly appreciated!

    William Heiden

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    conflict resolution

    I am researching persuasive communication in the context of a conflict (involving nimbys) and would be interested in swapping notes. My research is for my PhD thesis and my place of study is Kingston University, Kingston, UK.

    I am using the Fishbein Theory of Planned Behaviour and would like to hear from anyone who has used this in the context of nimby behaviour.

    Full details of the Kingston research group can be found on the Kingston web site.

    Peter Stutchbury
    23 March 1997

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