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Thread: Shooting ranges

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    Shooting ranges

    A shooting range has located near my property. I am told that there are no state or federal regulations to oversee this activity. There must be a regulatory agency to appeal to regarding issues of safety, noise, etc. Does anyone have further information or suggestions? Thank you. R. Lyon

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    Shooting Ranges

    we have same problem. won a judgment of almost $100,000 but the gun range just declared bankruptcy and keeps on operating. we are gettingh ready to sue them again.. we go a temporary injunction, but the court would not make it permanent. we get reading at our home of 94-95 decibels. we get ricochets all the time. police dont want to help us. they look at it like a neighborhood distrubance. i guess they are waiting on one of our children to be killed before they take our complaints seriously.

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    Shooting Ranges


    I am wondering if you have found anything out about what can be done? We are in the process of fighting a shooting range going in our area. We do not have a strong noise ordinance in our county. The range has alot of support from NRA, Fire and Police who do not live near it but would use it. We have our first meeting with planning commission on Feb. 26. We have 60 concerned neighbors. Noise, safety, lowering of property values our the issues among others. This will be an outdoor range.

    We are hoping to get an EIR required. Please let us know what you have heard.


    SW Paradise(CA)Landowners Assn.

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