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Thread: Prison siting

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    Prison siting

    I'm doing a research paper on the siting of LULU's, particularly prisons, in minority areas. Does anyone known of any studies or how I could get any information about prison sitings ? Would really appreciate it.

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    Prison Siting

    RE->Prison Sitings

    In my previous employment I worked occaisionally in the southwest, an area in which both public and private prisons are being built in great numbers. You might contact the states of AZ(impacts in Casa Grande area and Tuscon), NV (impacts in Elko and Ely), TX (impacts in Beaumont area)housing offices to assess how they have handled the problems. In these three states the problem has been less an NIMBY issue and more how do we build housing for the guards and other staff as well as provide housing for the visiting members of prisoners families. Connected to this phenomenon is the community of Crescent City CA and the siting of Pelican Bay max security. The unintended consequence of this prison is that a community which saw increased nymbers of retriees move there in the 60-70's, now is impacted by increased numbers of welfare mothers moving to live in the community to be close to family.

    Some of this is anecdotal, but is a part of the beliefs of many people in the west and SW.

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