In response to: Where should I start? posted by Laura Batie on 15 November 1998 at 02:34:35:

: By pure luck I've managed to wander onto the most
: interesting web site I've seen on planning issues!
: These conversations are fascinating to me. As a first year
: law student, I've been thinking of pursuing a legal career
: in the area of urban planning. I have no background in
: planning, just a strong interest in how it
: impacts the quality of life people enjoy (or endure),
: depending on their social or economic standing. In other
: words, how planning can perpetuate social divisions, and on
: the flip side, how it can create opportunities for greater
: community interaction and vitality. I'm woefully uniformed
: on the issues, having just pondered this for a while,
: and have been cruising the web looking for resources to get
: some ideas (and escape the cruelties of property law). Can
: anyone suggest a(an) article(s) that could give me some
: insight into some of the current issues in planning, social
: policy and community development? I realize that's vague,
: but anything would be a help. I'm also trying to find local
: community organizations that are working on problems in my
: area (I'm new to this region -- Sacramento, CA) -- can
: anyone suggest a web site that might have links to such
: local groups?

: Much thanks to anyone who can help.
Hi Laura,

For a Canadian perspective, you could try the web site of the Ontario Professional Planners Institute at: "", and start with the "Planning Links" section. Under that section, you may search alphabetically for topics. But it also has a column titled "Hot Topics in Planning" which lists quite a few articles on current topics, including some on planning law.