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Thread: Money Makes Plans

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    Money Makes Plans

    Born and raised in Chicagoland I can say it is not the architecht nor planner that creates our cities- thank God. D.H. Burnham was a business man as well as visionary with a love of place and concern for it's future. Love of place and concern for the future is what created the historic 1909 plan of Chicago, not over-intelectualized theories. From ancient Greece to present day Atlanta it is human nature that develops our cities, not architects. Let them build buildings.

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    Money Makes Plans

    In response to: Money Makes Plans posted by Jeffery Scott on 18 December 1998 at 14:58:02:

    Originally posted by (User Above)
    I spent several years in Madison, Wisconsin, a city that started life as a real estate scam and ended up as one of the most livable cities anywhere. So I certainly don't disagree that money makes plans, but the people with money seem to have lost that love of place and concern for human nature that you find so necessary. Have you ever seen a shopping mall in the suburbs that has the sort of soul you find in downtown Chicago? Are gated communties an accurate expression of modern human nature? Do the chain restaurants and hotels found at every interstate interchange give you a good sense of place? I don't know exactly what it is, but something has changed, and if you are suggesting that real estate developers should be trusted to do what's right, I disagree.
    The built environment does not change overnight. It evolves over time. There are historic precedents for each of the so called 'ills' mentioned. Shopping malls attempt (however plastic) to replicate downtown diveristy. Gated communities have been around since the haves desired to separate from the have nots (the gates are a bit more obvious today). Chain service establishments at major intersections evolved from the railroad hotel/restaurant/depots of two generations ago. (We are trying to preserve the spirit of the Harvey House Restaurants--which were nothing more than early monotonous franchises we complain of today.) We should preserve and protect the character of older areas for their sense of place within the community context, but we should always strive to accommodate modern marketing. And along the way, create a greater community context.

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