In response to: Sports Stadiums----Winners or Losers??? posted by Beth Norton on 12 September 1999 at 12:34:48:

Question, with such documented lack of economic benefit, why are so many communities (including likely Green Bay) hustling to participate in building and supporting gaudy new stadiums, etc.?
I'll bug Dad to pop in here and share his insights. My laymans guess would suspect the team owners (who *will* benefit) and the various mayors ("New Stadium" has *got* to look good on a resume) have an inordinate influence over the media hype.
Thanks for throwing a "pass" to Perry Beth. We will all be interested in his conclusions.

Also thanks for the Brookings cite. I'll check that out.I hate to be so cynical in contending that data from planners alone rarely, if ever, sways political decisions, but that has been my experience in 3 decades. What do others think?

Earl Finkler