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Thread: Problems building neotraditional development

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    Problems building neotraditional development

    I am a developer trying to do neotraditional projects here in central Indiana. The NIMBY's, and others, are crying foul saying that "high density" projects over-run the school systems. Have there been any studies or papers to address this issue?

    Thank you.

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    Neotraditional Projects

    Hello,Darrell Brosius,

    I think you need to give more info on your project. What kind of residential development is it? Is it being marketed to families with children or to empty nesters? Or what mix of the project is designed to attract children? Is there commercial development that would provide tax base that would offset the impact on the schoold districts? For communities that really on property tax to fund education, it's prestty hard not to have an adverse impact on the tax base, if the community is already primarily residential. Most of the literature shows residential development is a fiscal negative as fare as schools go. I'd be interested in hearing more about your project.

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    Neotraditional Projects

    I will e-mail you a description, site plan, and rendering by tomorrow.


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