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Thread: Comprehensive zoning ordinance update

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    Comprehensive zoning ordinance update

    I am involved in a major comprehensive zoning ordinance update to our local County's ordinance. I am interested in finding examples of other ordinances we can use as a guide in the development of our new ordinance. Is anyone aware of ordinances that have superior reputations? This might include APA award-winning ordinances or model ordinances prepared by a State planning agency? Thanks.

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    May 1997
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    Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance Update

    I may have something that would be helpful. It depends on the nature of your county: urban? suburban? rural? And on the quality of your comprehensive plan (I often consult with jurisdictions who want to improve their zoning, but do not have a sufficient basis for doing so in their plans). Also on the personality of your staff, planning commission, etc. and the development pressure you are facing. If you are interested in an award-winning performance zoning ordinance for a rural county where issues include agriculture,water quality, resource protection, and tourism, respond with a mailing address or call me at 208-232-1277.

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