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Thread: Compatibility

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    I am looking for examples of ordinances which explicitly address compatibility of new developments in a neighborhood.

    I am also looking for examples of actual projects which were not compatible with their surrounding area, but were built anyway. The question here is what happened as a result of the incompatibility?

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    Supply Me With You Mailing Address And I Will Mail Sections Of The Kent County, Maryland Zoning Ordinance.

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    May 1997
    Williston, VT


    I can send you several different variations on the theme of compatibility standards from performance type ordinances.The factors considered include lot coverage, building height, building bulk, activity levels (defined by several factors), traffic generation, etc. Compatibility standards work best within the context of an ordinance that addresses genuine nuisances (noise, light, etc.) separately. If you send me a mailing address, I will get the examples off to you. You can reach me via email or by calling 208-232-1277.

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