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Thread: Home occupation definition

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    Home occupation definition

    i am on a zoning board of appeals and am searching for different defintions that other manicipalities have for home occupations and how they regulated them

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    home occupation definition

    Here's a definition from our ordinance:

    Home Occupation. Any use conducted entirely within a dwelling or an accessory building which is clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the dwelling purposes and which does not change the character thereof, and in connection with which there is no outside display or storage, nor emission of dust, noise, fumes, vibration or smoke beyond the lot line. Such home occupation shall not employ more than two (2) persons who are not members of the family nor occupy a floor area greater than twenty- five percent (25%) of the floor area of the dwelling unit. Goods sold at retail shall be those manufactured or assembled on the premises. Care of children in the home, provided that no more than three (3) children are cared for, shall be considered a home occupation and shall be considered exempt from parking restrictions and site review. Signs for a home occupation shall be in accordance with the provisions of Section 42.8 of this ordinance.

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    home occupation definition

    It is really up to the individual community to determine what appropriate home occupations are. The best advise I have seen comes from "The New Illustrated Book of Development Defintions", by Moskowitz & Lindbloom. Essentially they advise that establishing well defined performance standards to avoid adverse impact on the neighborhood is critical & perhaps more important than the type of uses. Good Luck.

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    home occupation definition

    In 1988 or 1989 this was a case before the Zoning Commission in the District of Columbia that I actively participated in conducting the research to make a recommendation before the Zoning Commission about the relevance of home occupations to amend the existing DC Zoning Regulations. Most of the initial research was done by asking that APA do a literature search via PAS (Planning Advisory Service) of all towns and city that have previously adopted such regulations and to reveiw their texts many of which included clear definitions -- of home occupation. I then reviewed a variety of those definitions and examined them based on the sample study area that we were examining in Washington, DC to determine to devise a draft definition based on the preliminary field work. The DC Office on Zoning Services would have a copy of the adopted legislation as it was amended and incorporated into the existing regulations. Good Luck! That's probably all that I can specifically remember about the case!

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    home occupation definition


    I am in the process of finalising a paper which will form the basis of embarking on a phd in regional development. More specifically I will be focussing on home based businesses and their contribution towards regional development.

    Are you able to provide me with any material which I could use to support my primary hypothesis that home based businesses contribute significantly towards regional development.

    Look forward to your early response.


    Ian Bodill

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