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Thread: Zoning regulations for redeveloping areas?

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    Zoning regulations for redeveloping areas?

    Looking for land development codes or zoning codes that are particularly useful in redeveloping area.

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    Feb 1998
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    I don't have a model for you, but a couple of comments. Foremost, your planning efforts should identify the issues. What can of redevelopment do you want: Urban renewal type that demolishes entire blocks? Encouraging incremental re-use of passed over older lots? Something between the two?

    As for the zoning, I have found that sections on dimensional nonconformities and light industrial district standards need the most thought with redevelopment. Many cities try to apply modern research and development park standards to their older warehousing-industrial distircts, but 15 foot side yards do not work with 50 foot lots. A good solution is to create an separate or overlay district that acknowledges the unique character of such areas--and their potential.

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