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Thread: Treehouse zoning battle with city

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    Treehouse zoning battle with city

    Plainsboro, NJ: attempting to build a child's tree house/fort and city is singling us out threatening to tear it down because it is above the 10' zoning law, however multiple gazebos exist in the area and have not been forced to rezone or apply for changes in zoning. We feel that somehow they are coming after us unrightly. How can we fight this?

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    It is possible that the gazebos were existing when the 10' rule came and therefore "grandfathering" them as is. However, any new development (treehouse) must meet the new requirement.

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    Something isn't clear from your description. Do you mean that the treehouse can't be greater than 10 feet in height? How is a tree house classified in your town? Does the zoning ordinance specifically identify tree houses as a use? Some more details would be helpful to address your situation.

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