Gated Communities International (GCI)


We would like to bring to your attention a virtual conference and
resource centre called Gated Communities International. The Web site contains a Discussion Room, Chat Room and, importantly, a Resource Room. GCI is designed to function as as information exchange for researchers and practicioners investigating the global spread of gated communities, the privatised city, private planning and micro-level government.

We are inviting those with a professional or academic interest in
these issues to make use of the resources and to submit their own public domain information to the resource room. In particular we are keen to receive information (references/URLs/case studies/etc.) about examples of gated communities outside of the USA. We aim to build up a country-ordered list of such resources.

The Discussion Room is there to foster an exchange of views,
theoretical ideas, legal discussion and other commentary on Gated Communities and related phenomena.

Please take a look at the GCI virtual conference at: