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Thread: Graduate progams in historic preservation?

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    Graduate progams in historic preservation?

    In response to: Graduate Progams in Historic Preservation? posted by Robin Bechtel on August 27, 1998 at 16:32:26:

    Originally posted by (User Above)
    I'm looking into Graduate Programs in HP. There seems to be a few like me who are also searching for education information. If no-one has specific help, can anyone suggest a website that would be helpful in locating/ exploring graduate possibilities? Thanks, Robin Bechtel
    I am in the same situation, but I did find a site that has a link to some schools that have HP programs. It is Preservenet from cornell. I'm not sure of the site address, but you can get it through any search engine.

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    Graduate Progams in Historic Preservation?

    Don't know what you know/don't know yet .. the basics? Schools .. UPenn, U Vermont have highly reputable programs, U Maryland, George Washington and Goucher in the DC metropolitan area have programs, very nice given proximity to DC metro area and Natl Trust, Goucher and Savannah College of Art and Design I believe also has a grad. program ..

    UPenn has great program and lab facilities, some of the others are less hands on but no less rigorous .. have you contacted your state SHPO for some information? They might be able to provide you with some input closer to your area. Also might want to try posting to alt.building.planning-preservation for some input.
    Good luck.

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    Graduate Progams in Historic Preservation?

    University of Delaware's historic preservation program is sponsored by the Urban And public policy Division--ranked 5th in the nation! Dr. Ames is the director of the Historic Preservation concentration

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    Graduate Progams in Historic Preservation?

    Savannah College of Art and Design. Well respected. Very good placement. Practical real world preservation knowledge. Excellent area to study real world preservation techniques. Unfortunately, extremely expensive.

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