In response to: Site Lighting Restrictions posted by Kathy on September 21, 1998 at 13:05:45:

Does anyone have information about limiting the brightness of site lighting within historic districts? If so, I would appreciate it if someone could forward the requirements to me. A restaurant has recently completed construction and the brightness of light measures nearly 8.0 EV. This intensity was missed on the original site plan. Any suggestions? Our Historic Preservation Commission does not regulate site lighting so the authority falls to the Planning and Zoning Department.
No, but if you find out, please forward. I'm writing ordinance for a cultural landscape that is a tiny very vernacular hamlet adjacent to an exit on the beltway. Local planning commissions have held back the usually exit-ramp commercial, but have accepted county use of (the unincorporated) hamlet streets as a 'transportation corridor'. Changes will be made to the (county-controled) roadways. Could the proposed historic district's ordinance limit the candlewatts of street lighting? What about for any changes to a wastewater treatment plant, who's lights can be seen from parts of the district? -HA