In response to: Historic sidewalks & stairs posted by Cindy Thomack on December 07, 1999 at 15:34:03:

Does anyone know of any town/village that has a sidewalk
or stairs that's a significant feature & that is either
eligible or listed in the National Register? In Fife Lake, MI
the downtown sidewalk has a series of small stairs that run
perpendicular with the entire length of the sidewalk. They
were built in 1923 and the community wants to replace them
with an upper & lower sidewalk system. Although Fife Lake
doesn't seem to have enough integrity to meet the criteria
for eligibility.....the sidewalk/stairs have some great
character and we (the MI SHPO) would like to find some other
similar projects to justify its eligibity. Thanks for your
Providence, RI has a recently-listed NR stairway, the Meeting Street Steps, that were recently restored by the Providence Preservation Society. You might want to call them @ 401/831-7440.