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Thread: Slate roof substitute?

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    Slate roof substitute?

    In response to: Slate Roofs posted by RON OLIVER on July 23, 1998 at 15:54:50:

    Our local Historic Preservation Commission has recently been confronted with an issue over whether or not to require property owners in the historic district to replace slate roofs with slate. The structures that this issue is beginning to affect are very large 19th century homes in a National Register Historic District. One homeowner has been quoted $38,000.00 to replace the slate with slate.

    I have heard that there are slate substitute materials out there but I have had trouble finding them. How do they look? How do they compare in price with slate? Any other solutions that other areas have used?

    Hi. is it allowed in the USA to re-use slates from demolished buildings. Architectural salvage may be one source and it is another method of re-cycling material which otherwise would be put into land fill sites.

    there are some re-constitued slate products in the market in UK. these are made form crushed slate bonded with some resin. there must be something similar in the USA. good luck.
    See article in American City & County August 1998, page 26 "Shellfish-toting seagulls stymied by roof". "He found a replacement for the 107-year old slate in Grand Manor Shangle, an asphalt fiberglass shingle substitute from Valley Forge, Pa.- based Certain Teed" (roofing manufacturer).

    Let me know what you think.:
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    Slate Roofs - Substitute?

    Artificial slates are not a good choice from authenticity (conservation) durability or appearance points of view. Some resin slates used in the UK have had serious problems. There are three litigations in progress from one type. Reclaimed slates are a good choice sometimes - it depends on the slate. If you like to contact me direct with more information about where you are etc I can give more detailed help. terry@stoneroof.screaming.net

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    Slate Roofs - Substitute?

    Have you found any good replacements for slate yet? I am looking to, and have heard of a fake slate made from RUBBER, that looks just like the real thing - even saw it on a home improvement show - but can't find anyone that makes it! If you have found anything out, I would appreciate it.

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    Slate Roofs - Substitute?

    contact web address ecostarinc.com

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