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Thread: Doo-wop architecture

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    Doo-wop architecture

    I am interested in any information related to this up and coming form of revitalization/preservation. Is anyone aware of any other cities like Wildwood NJ who are implementing this revival for tourism development. Help would be greatly appreciated!

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    "Doo Wop" Architecture

    In response to: "Doo Wop" Architecture posted by Katherine on July 18, 1999 at 10:55:23:

    Myrtle Beach, SC could benefit from capitalizing on its "doo wop" architecture. There are several blocks on the south end of the beach with distinctive ornamental concrete work. Rent "Shag: the Movie" for some glimpses of MB. I have: talked with a few motel owners about cooperative advertising to capitalize on their fairly unique strutures.

    I grew up near Wildwood. MB does not have as many buildings, but they are fairly concentrated. One, Rainbow Court, is listed on the National Register. Several others are eligible. I had talked with one of my professors at Goucher about creating a non-contiguous district.Does this help?
    I'm the Downtown Redevelopment Coordinator for the City of Myrtle Beach, and I love the idea of bringing out the old "doo wop" architecture in our area. We currently have plans for the south end of our beach to become a mixed-use neighborhood, with lots of year round residential uses mixed with renovated mom & pop hotels (low and mid rise), bed & breakfasts, beach bungalows, neighborhood-size pubs & markets, etc. We havn't zeroed in yet on actual architectural style for that district, and I love the doo wop idea. Does anyone know of any design publications that describe this style? I realize even defining it is a new concept, but in order to sell the idea I'll need to describe it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    "Doo Wop" Architecture

    While I'm not sure that the terms "Googie" and "Doo Wop" are interchangable, they are certainly very similar styles. I would check Alan Hess' book, "Googie: Coffee Shop Modern." For more information check my Googie website:

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