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Thread: Need clues on grad school opportunities

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    Need clues on grad school opportunities

    Despite all the low pay warnings I am considering attending a planning grad school with my ultimate goal of gaining a PHD in order to teach and conduct research. Money is not everything, rather job satisfaction is king in my book. I have already worked in local and municipal government, and know what the hassles are regarding zoning amendments, implementing comprehensive land use laws, enforcement issues, etc, so that being said, any ideas on U.S. schools with either a great general program or one that offers specialties in urban planning, economic development, and rural economic development/planning? I already have money saved for grad school but I am clueless on which schools have great programs. Thanks for all your help!

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    Need Clues on Grad School Opportunities

    I once saw an excellent reference called (I think) "Guide to Graduate Programs in Urban & Regional Planning." I believe it was published by APA. I recommend getting this guide - try contacting the Planners' Book Service through APA.

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