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Thread: Historic district guidelines

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    Historic district guidelines

    In response to: historic district guidelines posted by Jennifer on January 14, 2000 at 13:01:49:

    I am working to create a publication for use with our historic district guidelines and would appreciate any suggestions for reference source material or any programs/documents of a similar nature. This is meant to be a user-friendly guide to appropriate materials for historic districts, how-to advice on home repair projects, scaled drawings to use as reference in the COA application process, a revised and expanded list of staff-approvable projects, examples of correct COAs, photos and drawings of good and bad examples in our neighborhoods, and even a message board for historic homeowners to express concerns and interact with one another. Basically I would like for this to be a helpful guide that makes our current guidelines less daunting by offering up examples of what can be done rather than telling the homeowners what cannot be done.

    What I am looking for are other examples of similar projects if there are any and if anyone has suggestions of where I could look for organizational ideas, I would appreciate the help.
    There are a few examples on Cyburbia itself. Also try the National Main Street Center, the Tech Notes/Preservation Briefs at the National Trust for Historic Preservation (and I think on-line at the Department of Interior or National Park Service), and your own state's Main Street or other downtown program.

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    historic district guidelines

    Hi Jennifer:

    You may be interested in a very good Historic District Study and Plan produced by the City of Kitchener in Southwest Ontario. I am a Canadian, now working down here, but I thought you may be interested in a bit of a Canadian perspective on historic districts. The Study and Plan that I'm thinking of is for what is called the Victoria Park Area Heritage Conservation district. The Plan is filled with mostly guidelines, and not so many policies, which is why I'm thinking this one may be good for you to look at. The guidelines are in repsonse to the fact that most of the homes in the district are already well cared for and therefore a less strict approach was called for.

    If you're interested, let me know and I can mail or fax to you some samples from this Plan. I think you may find it to be useful.


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    historic district guidelines


    I would be interested in whatever information you have concerning historic guidelines. We are forming our ARB, and are looking for documents to help us write.

    Email me at techbabe @ usa . net so we can arrange an information exchange.


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