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Thread: Planners salaries?

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    Planners salaries?

    What is the average salary of a planner with an Masters? The only info I can find is from 1994 which said around 40k with 5yrs exp.By the way I live in the Southeast,but any info would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Planners Salaries?

    Contact the APA. They put together a planner salaries guide back in 1994.

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    May 2008
    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Planners Salaries?

    I am at the University of Connecticut. I have seen in the state paper, Director of Economic Development in Grennwich Ct, @ $90,000. YES, BUT REMEMBER, Greenwich, CT has the highest per capitia in U.S.

    There are numerous openings in the New Haven, CT area for transportation planners. Unfortunatley I am unable to apply because of a planned move to San Fransisco CA. What do you know about jobs there?

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