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Thread: Graduate education in community development and housing

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    Graduate education in community development and housing

    Does anyone have any thoughts on which colleges offer the top graduate (masters degree level at least) programs?

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    Graduate education in Community Development & Housin

    The University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign and the University of Illinois at Chicago. These two schools have great Urban Planning programs, especially at the graduate level. However I must admit my bias I attended both schools UIUrbana/Champaign (BAUP) and UIChicago (MUPP-Economic Development. Good Luck!

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    Graduate education in Community Development & Housin

    I would not even attempt to rate the various graduate programs. Most all are good, and I do not believe that academic snobbery has entered our field of work. We get out of a program what we put in to it. From my experience, I would favor a program situated in a metropolitan setting. The surrounding community is your laboratory. Textbooks and even the greatest professors cannot teach community development; they can lead you. The hands on experience of living and working with urban neighborhoods teach.

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