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Thread: Commercial Square Footage - Population Rations [Temp 1]

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    Commercial Square Footage - Population Rations [Temp 1]

    Anyone have any links or resources on where to find a generalized ratio of how much commercial floor area is needed to serve a population? A member of my Planning Board asked me to see if I could find anything.

    Thanks in advance!
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    There really is no good answer, because area demographics and shopping patterns are such wild cards. I had a figure of the current average square feet of commercial space per US resident, but can't seem to find it and think it is likely to be pretty irrelevant anyways. Some states have compiled population threshholds for retail store categories, and may have information on square footage in those categories, that could help you back into a number. Another source you might try is "Dollars and Sense of Shopping Centers" by ULI. You'll want to locate it in a library if possible, because it is an expensive publication and not available on-line.
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    Hope this is what you are looking for

    From my usual source Land Use Planning Made Plain - Hok-lin Leung p 107

    adapted from ULI- Shopping Centre Development Handbook (1982) and lynch and hack (1984)

    neighbourhood scale has a service radius of about .5 miles and services 4-10k
    community scale has a service radius of 2 miles and serves 35-50k
    regional scale has a service radius 4 miles and serves 150k plus.

    I am sure these numbers have changed over the past 20 years, but they are a start. i'd try ULI.
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