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Thread: I was here first!

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    I was here first!


    For the seventeenth-millionth time, I have had a call from the owner of a lot in a subdivision that was carved out of a farm last year who is now totally opposed to the subdivision of the farm next to him. What is the polite, acceptable way to say, "Well, Duh. Did you think the developers would stop chopping up farms now that you bought your piece? If you want to preserve the countryside, why didn't you stay in the city?" (Planzilla is terribly tempted to ask his cousin, Godzilla, to stomp on these people.)

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    The "close the door behind you" syndrome

    I wonder if we shouldn't call this the "close the door behind you" syndrome when home buyers think that they are the last home to be built in their area. The belief that others won't do what they just did, or that other properties won't develop like theirs did. The mythical belief that somehow there is only so much development going to happen, and they are on the tail end, that they'll always be the latest thing to be built. The notion that things around their new home will always be the way they were the day they moved in. The idea that other developers will not follow the same profitable pattern that theirs just did.

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    Feb 2002
    BC, Canada

    I think of it as the "Me First" syndrome

    Hey, everyone looks out for number one. Someone moves into an area because he gets benefit out of doing that. If someone else moves in then there is no benefit to the first guy and what is more, the first guy may actually lose some of the initial benefit he saw in moving there. Just looking out for number one. "Me first", "Me first".

    Haven't you watched little kids in a playground lately. Well, just give them bigger bodies, bigger toys, a bigger playground and Voila! .... adults.

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    "I was here first."

    I tell them to get out their checkbook and buy the farm!

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