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Thread: Parking requirements for commercial uses

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    Parking requirements for commercial uses

    Does anyone know where I can get some information on the number of spaces for various buisnesses? My mayor has directed me to see if we can lower the number of required spaces in our ordinances to reduce the "sea of asphalt" effect. Thanks

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    Look under "shared parking" on the Victoria Transportation Institute web site. One shared parking space equals from 1.5 to 2.5 parking spaces dedicated to individual uses.

    If you can get to shared parking arrangements, you can reduce the parking requirement downtown.

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    Take a look at Donald Shoup's book "The High Cost of Free Parking," published this year by APA. He makes a compelling argument for eliminating all parking requirements, and letting the market dictate the provision of and cost of parking. It may be a bit more than you're looking for, and more than your mayor was bargaining for, but there are some great ideas you might be able to incorporate in order to justify reductions to parking requirements.

    I think an important thing to remember is that most businesses and lenders WANT to provide parking, and they know how much they need much better than we do as regulators. Additionally, free parking is only free for the people who use it--pedestrians, bicyclists, and users of transit still have to pay the hidden cost of providing that sea of asphalt in the cost of a movie ticket, the cost of a hamburger, and in fees for using a bank.

    That said, most people expect cities to require that developers provide free parking, so it may be an uphill battle to eliminate this layer of regulation.

    But if you just want to look at what other places require, check out www.municode.com. They publish the municipal codes of many cities throughout the US, and have all of them available on-line. This is a great research resource for code revisions in general, as well as for comparing various parking requirements.
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